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I've emailed several actors as the search for the male lead in my short film continues. Yesterday, the agent for a terrific actor in my favorite show on television (hint: the one I'm speccing) emails to say his client liked the script, and to expect a call or Skype.
A few hours later I get a personal email from the actor.

I settle my nerves, call him back and leave a message. Less than a hour later he calls me. We talk through the script. It's a good conversation. He has a lot of intelligent ideas about the story.

All this from simple search on IMDb and a quick email. 

What a week. I'm already learning that there are lots of ups and downs when you make short film. It's nice to savor these positive moments.


IMDbPro is the filmmaker's friend. I was blown away by an actor in a small supporting role in House of Cards. Track down his information on IMDb, email his manager, and one minute later she replies to request the script for my short film. 

The search for the male lead has been ongoing. This week, I'll contact representatives for actors both famous and not so famous. It's a long shot. But well worth the effort, if it pays off.

Our fourth audition day is this Sunday in Hollywood. Gavage has a cast of five principals plus half a dozen extras. The film will hinge on the performances of the cast, so I want to make sure I get the best actors available.


For a little while I was well ahead of the game. Now I'm wondering how I'm going to get my The Americans spec script done while making a short film. March goal: revise first draft on weekends. Fellowship deadlines at the end of May.




Scouting in Altadena and South Pasadena for my short film, Gavage. I've spoken to a few owners and hope to lock down a location for the shoot soon. The script only calls for a single location but this is proving to be the most challenging part of pre-production . We need homeowners to let us use their house for three days at a price we can afford, or preferably for free.






Over the last six months I've been preoccupied with my latest project. It's called Gavage. It's a ten-minute horror short. I've decided to document my experiences making the movie.

Why am I making a short film?

Mostly, I want to complete a story. A story created for a film is never really finished until somebody watches it on a screen. I've finished a few screenplays. But that's only the plan for a movie. That's what I've been doing since I graduated from film school, writing up these intricate plans while never seeing them realized as films.

After spending close to a decade trying to get my screenplay Honeycomb up on the screen, I had grown frustrated, and yes, a little jaded. 

I decided it was time to take Steven Soderbergh's advice: “Don't wait for permission.” 

So, after I came into a few thousand dollars from the feature project, I decided to use that money to make a short. I'm excited about this journey. But if it goes horribly wrong, I may never do it again. But right now, I'm sort of optimistic. This is going to be hard work but it could also be lots of fun.